Pexel Research Services are an independent research company based in Glasgow, Scotland. As part of our updated and ever-growing social media strategy, we have started a blog to be able to share content written by our employees with the world.

Within this little corner of the internet you’ll find posts on an assortment of topics. From what’s happening in the office, to our love of baking (research shows that Pexel houses some of the best bakers in Scotland…!), to what’s happening in Glasgow or advice for international students on moving over to the UK.

Our blog posts are written by a team of young and creative thinkers from a mix of cultures and backgrounds. Check back on the first Friday of every month for a post written by one of our permanent members of staff, or the third Friday of the month for a post from one of our fieldworkers. Keep your eyes peeled for guest bloggers who may occasionally make an appearance too. Which brings us to the last point…

…If you want to contribute a piece to our blog, please propose your idea the contact form below – we’d love to hear from you!

If you fancy reading more about our company and what we do, click here.


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