Walk To Brazil: Final Results!

If you’re a Pexelite yourself, or have been keeping up with our blog and social media in the last few weeks, you’ll have seen our progress on our Walk To Brazil challenge that’s been happening in the office. The aim was to walk the equivalent distance between Glasgow and Brazil in eight weeks, just in time for some sightseeing before the Olympics kick off!

Week 1

Week 1 started on the 2nd of May. Caroline had kitted us all out with pedometers, the sun was shining and we were ready to go! We soon realised that Fola was going to do anything possible to get the most steps, and could have probably made it to Brazil by herself – she’s since been known to walk all the way from Glasgow to Falkirk (23 miles) – just a casual Sunday walk…!



When the results came in, we were surprised at how far we had already walked, with a total of 1,493,810 steps between us, which took us to Vendays-Montalivet in South West France – the location of the world’s first naturist resort!


Week 2

Week 2 was an even better week, where we racked up an impressive 1,741,383 steps, taking us right passed Spain, all the way to Casablanca in Morocco. Bounce Balls UK kindly sent us a big tub full of Cacao Orange energy balls, to help fuel us through our challenge, which were much appreciated! This week’s winner was Sharlene Rielly and we also had the first of the spot prizes, which this week went to Sian Owens! Well done everyone!



Week 3

In week 3 we were able to visit Spain after all and made it to one of the Canary Islands called El Sabinar. Caroline found that it is known for its Juniper trees that grow in odd twists and shapes! This week’s winner for taking the most steps was one of our fieldworkers, Nicola Fairbairn! The spot prize this week went to Chris Black for most improved in one week.



Week 4

Week 4 and halfway through the challenge! More people were now hitting over the 100,000 steps a week mark, which means the competition is hotting up and people are keen for those prizes! It’s not just the competition that was hotting up either, but also our location, as we have now made it to Boujdour in the Western Sahara – pass the sun cream! This week’s winner was Kristen Wood, thanks to a 13 mile walk along the Glasgow canal from Bowling to Partick – anything to get those steps in! The spot prize went to David Lacey, which was closest to the random number placed in an envelope the previous week.


An early Sunday morning train to Bowling, where we started our walk
A picnic on the canal!

Week 5

Both the competition and the journey show no signs of cooling down, and in Week 5 we manage to make it to Dakar, Senegal! Caroline discovered that Senegal is home to one of Africa’s most unique and sexy dances – Sabar dancing, which involves lots of hip twisting, jumping, arm swinging and high knee lifting! Nothing too different to the moves you might see in Glasgow on a Friday or Saturday night…

The winner this week was James Cameron, who also smashed his personal best! Most improved this week went to Alessandro Barione. Well done!



Week 6

Heading further south still in Week 6, we hit Monrovia in Liberia where you’ll find the second largest tropical rainforest in West Africa, the Sapo National. If that wasn’t exciting enough, it is also is home to the rare pygmy hippopotamus – cute!

The Walker of the Week prize went to another fieldworker, Stuart MacKay this week, and a spot prize to Daniel Hopkins! Well done to both of you!



Week 7

Heading into week 7 we were a little apprehensive, we still had a long way to go and a lot of water to cross! But everyone pulled together and we made it! We managed to get all the way to Recife in Brazil. A little fun fact we learnt about Recife: It has the highest consumption of Scotch whisky per head of population in the whole wide world”.

This week our Walker of the Week was Silvia Nan and our most improved walker from the previous week was Hazel Hodgson. Well done!

But we didn’t celebrate just yet, we wanted to get to Rio. So the challenge was on!

scotch whiskySource


Week 8

It was the last week and we were biting our nails to see if we made it, perhaps that was just Caroline?! There was no need to panic as we made it all the way to Rio de Janeiro in 8 weeks with the team work of many of our staff.

For our last week we awarded two people with a Walker of the Week challenge, the prizes went to Nikke Kangasmaa and Sean McGovern. Well done! The spot prize for our very last week went to Anabel Rotmistrovsky for most improved from the previous week.

We got there in plenty of time for a spot of sunbathing and sightseeing before the Olympics kick off!



Well done to everyone that took part and even to the staff that encouraged the team on. Hopefully in the future we will have more fun events!



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