Changes: A Year In Review

For the past eight months, I have been writing and publishing weekly blog posts for our staff to read and enjoy, as well as getting some great feedback from the WordPress community and across social media. Unfortunately, with just three days  to go until I leave Pexel for pastures new, this will be my last official blog post that I post for Your Pexel – sad times!

There are a few posts lined up for the couple of weeks after I am gone, but after that the  blog will be handed over into the safe hands of another Pexelite, to continue activity on here. For my last post, I thought it would be fun to reflect on the last year and a bit of my time here at Pexel and see what kind of things we have been up to…

April 2015

The 20th of April was my first day with Pexel and there was no hanging around – I was straight into the job by being asked to source 20 Spanish speakers for the following week. I was armed with new stationary – I could do this! Some of those candidates who I recruited are still with us today – my first Pexelites!

Never far away from over-priced notebooks…or donuts!

June 2015

As part of our plan to global recruitment domination, we trialed a number of different remote video training websites with a few willing volunteers (including one of our staff member’s Dads!). We also started making plans to recruit people in the Highlands of Scotland to allow us to have more resources for projects. We also hit 500 likes on Facebook!

August 2015

Propercorn kindly sent us a box of their popcorn to share with the office which went down a treat – there’s nothing like a bit of food bribery! We also launched a Pexel Instagram page!


September 2015

A big month for us with lots of exciting news! We introduced our new Pexel mascot as a chameleon (the option for runner up was a unicorn, although it was argued that the chameleon would represent our ability to adapt to change quickly!). He was named by Alison who voted for the name ‘Lingo’ – very apt!


We held a Macmillan coffee morning which also included a rundown of the day on Twitter with a number of different baking inspired puns…


*Takes a bow*

We also hit 300 followers on Twitter!

October 2015

An exciting month as we created, filmed and launched our Pexel Recruitment video! Hours of planning, finding fieldworkers to be involved, sourcing a film crew and making it all happen ensued and the final result was really positively received! Check it out here:

November 2015

November brought the birth of Your Pexel! It had been a few months in the planning and was something I was personally very excited to start as a bit of a creative outlet among the demands for exotic language speakers! We also launched the ‘Staff Post’ series on the first Friday of each month – some were more excited than others about this, but soon realised they enjoyed doing it just as much as I do! 😉


We also celebrated Pexel’s 14th birthday with a fun day of food, treats and fun for everyone in the office. I hope this will continue after I leave!


December 2015

We held a sponsored Christmas jumper day in the office which led to a couple of impressive creations and a continuation of  those terrible puns…




January 2016

As we had previously got two different Facebook pages, we made the decision to combine them into one page for all our business and recruitment news.

February 2016

Silvia, one of our Team Leaders was promoted to Project Manager and moved upstairs to Unit 28 to manager her own team of fieldworkers and projects.

We launched our Multilingual Jobs in Glasgow page for people of all nationalities and backgrounds to join to hear about our most recent vacancies. We also hit 400 followers on Twitter!

March 2016

There was serious chocolate overload in the office for Easter!



We published our first fieldworker blog post from Maria, who wrote all about the differences between Glasgow and her home town in Malta. We said goodbye to Susannah, our Data Analyst and hired one of our fieldworkers, Nikke to take over her role.

April 2016

We started a new blog series about Language and Culture, complete with a fun Pexel quiz! Melissa, our Projects Director leaves for maternity leave.

May 2016

A busy month as we launch the Walk To Brazil challenge and Sustrans Journey Challenge. Caroline wins a prize through the journey challenge for inviting people to the challenge and I win a prize for most train journies made!


June 2016

It’s my final month with Pexel before I leave for a few weeks of holiday and  then to start my new job! I’ve been promised that it won’t be a quiet few weeks for me though, as there’s lots of blog posts to write and handover notes to prepare!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, read, commented, liked or followed the blog since I kicked it off eight months ago! Hopefully the posts will continue to be published long after I leave and Your Pexel can remain Pexel employee’s little corner of the internet 🙂



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