Walk To Brazil – Progress Post

Morning all! It’s Friday again, and it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend! That hopefully means we’ll all be out and about enjoying the sun (so far, my phone is telling me it’ll be sunny!) and racking up those steps for our Walk To Brazil challenge.

As it’s been a few weeks since the challenge started, we thought it would be a great time to share our progress with you all and give a special mention to all those who have been winning Walker of the Week, as well as sharing the place we have “seen” along the way.

Week 1

We all got off to a flying start in the first week of the challenge, racking up a total of 1,493,810 steps, taking us from Glasgow all the way to the South West of France.


The place happens to be the location of the world’s first naturist resort…we’ll let you Google those pictures!

Walker of the Week was awarded to Fola Abdul for her incredible amount of steps – we’re pretty sure she could probably get to Brazil by herself at this rate – we even had to introduce a rule that the same person couldn’t win after they had won it once! At least it’s introduced some healthy competition…well done Fola!

Week 2

We smashed week 1’s results with an incredible 1,741,383 steps, taking us all the way  to Casablanca, Morocco!

I got in touch with a few healthy snack  brands to see if they would support our challenge, and Bounce Energy Balls kindly sent us a massive tub of their delicious Orange Cacao Energy Balls to feed our team so we could be #EnergisedByBounce – thanks Bella and the Bounce Team!



Walker of the Week was awarded to Sharlene Rielly and we also had a random spot prize awarded to Sian Owens for being having the steps closest to the number in Caroline’s sealed envelope! Exciting!

Week 3

Week 3 we all lost a bit of motivation…was it the weather? Was it the lack of energy balls because Silvia ate them all?! 😉

This week we did manage to reach Spain, after thinking we had skipped it with last week’s amazing results and we ended up El Sabinar in the Canary Islands. If only the weather was as good in Glasgow as it would be there!


El Sabinar is known for it’s strange windswept Juniper Trees – take a look!


Well done to Walker of the Week, Nicola Fairbairn and for Chris Black who won the prize of ‘most improved walker’ – well done both of you!


Well done everyone who has been taking part and don’t forget that we still have 4 weeks to go, so there’s plenty of opportunities to win more prizes for Walker of the Week and Caroline’s secret spot prizes!


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