Our Top Tips To Enjoy a Rainy Bank Holiday Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! The sun might not be shining here in Glasgow but we’re only 7 hours and 27 minutes away from the Bank Holiday weekend, so it’s inevitable that it will rain – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself over the next three days. Living in Scotland means that we are the experts in being able to have fun even when it’s been pouring with rain for the last week and we wanted to share our top tips for enjoying a wash-out weekend.


1. Don’t get out of bed

It’s rainy, it’s cold, it may as well be winter. Take the opportunity of a three day weekend to get back under the covers and stay there for as long as possible. We recommend making one emergency trip to the supermarket to stock up on delicious food – you should definitely start with some kind of cooked breakfast in bed (cooked by someone else, for bonus points). Don’t worry about having to get out of bed to do things, just bring it all to you – pets, kids, washing to be folded, the TV, your laptop for online shopping, the dog’s ball to throw for them to exercise – who needs to go outside?



2. Spring Clean

With spring cleaning comes procrastination. By all means, start with good intentions, but it’s totally OK to get sidetracked and end up napping/online shopping/eating/complaining about the weather. If you can get some cleaning done in between that’s bonus points too, but don’t worry too much – if you’ve got kids/pets/flatmates/partners, it won’t stay clean and tidy for long anyway.



3. Complain about the weather

It’s inevitable that it’ll rain, and even if you have accepted it and are totally OK with locking yourself in your house for three days, you still have to complain about it – it’s the rule…we are in Britain, after all. Phone a friend, phone your Mum, post about it on Facebook and Twitter, upload an arty shot of raindrops on your window to Instagram and make sure to mention it to anyone who you live with/pops round for a cup of tea/your neighbours. You can turn this into a fun game too, by standing at the window and acting surprised when you see umbrellas flying about, people doubled over battling against the elements and the poor souls who have ventured out of their homes in the hope of finding something to do.



4. Venture Out

You realise from people-watching that perhaps it isn’t so bad, and you should really get out for some fresh air. You’ve been locked inside for nearly three days straight, and you’re going a bit stir-crazy. The rain doesn’t look that bad, right? In fact maybe that’s even a bit of blue sky peeking through? It’s just a bit wet – no harm done…wrong! Rush back home after twenty minutes of braving the elements, shake yourself off like a wet dog, make some more comments about just how awful the weather is and leave some muddy footprints on the freshly-hoovered carpet (told you it wouldn’t stay clean for long). Don’t worry, you tried – bonus points for that. Stick on the kettle, put your feet up, and exclaim your surprise to anyone who will listen about just how wet it really is outside.


5. Get Monday night regrets

It’s 7pm on Monday night, you realise you have to go back to work tomorrow and you’ve done absolutely nothing over the weekend. You get annoyed with yourself for wasting the time, jealous of the fact that your co-workers probably all did something exciting, and end up in a mad rush trying to find something to prepare for your lunch. Then you realise you have nothing to cook for dinner, phone a takeaway, and spend ten minutes discussing the horrendous weather with the delivery driver, who is standing shivering and dripping wet at your front door. Get back into bed, don’t leave for anything…


You wake up on Tuesday morning to beautiful sunshine, the smell of freshly cut grass and the promise of a heat-wave that will last until Friday at 5pm. You rush to find your sunglasses, that you realise are lost because you never need sunglasses in Glasgow, and then prolong the commute to work as long as possible to soak up those few rays of sunshine that will be gone as soon as next weekend arrives.


Happy Bank Holiday weekend, everyone! Who knows, maybe we will get sun after all…



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