Pexel’s Walk To Brazil Challenge!

Following on from last week’s successful blog post about keeping active in the workplace, we wanted to share with you what Pexel are planning for our employees, to encourage more activity during working hours and outside of the office.

Walk to Brazil Challenge

Thanks to the help of our Project Administrator and Employee Engagement Officer, Caroline, we have an exciting new challenge kicking off on May 1st to encourage teamwork and higher levels of exercise within office hours and outside of them. We will be coming together as a team to combine our daily steps to aim towards a 6000 mile target – the distance from Glasgow to Brazil.



We will have 8 weeks to complete the  challenge – just enough time to get to Brazil and enjoy some sightseeing before the Olympic games kick off 😉 We plan to take the scenic route too, stopping off in Spain and France for some wine and churros to fuel our walk!


Although we will be working as a team, there will be individual rewards and recognition for the individual who completes the most steps in a week or month, and overall at the end of the challenge, so there is motivation for everyone to keep increasing their daily steps!

Some great ways of increasing your daily steps around the office would be:

  • To remember to get up from your desk each hour and take a short walk
  • Walk to your colleague’s desk rather than emailing or calling them
  • Use your lunch break to take a walk outside (especially now the sun has made an appearance in Glasgow!)
  • Walk to and from our office from the subway station rather than taking the bus

All your steps taken outside of work also contribute to your daily total and Caroline has even found a handy conversion chart for the average amount of steps made from other activities, such as cycling, pilates or housework – every step counts!

Counting your steps is easy too – all you need is a pedometer which are very cheap to pick up, or even better – you can download one on your phone! Here are our top picks for pedometer apps – just don’t forget to keep your phone in your pocket when you walk!

Breeze (iPhone)

Moves (Android and iPhone)

Runtastic (Android and iPhone)


If you’re a Pexel employee maybe you’ve already seen the posters around the office or read the noticeboard messages – if you are interested in taking part, contact admin to secure your place in time for the kick-off on May 1st!


We will be tracking our progress in the office as well as sharing weekly updates on social media and our blog so if you aren’t a Pexel employee, why not keep up-to-date with us there, or even start your own workplace challenge? Let us know in the comments below if you will!

Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge

At the same time as our challenge starts, the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge also begins – handy or what!? While we track our daily and weekly steps on our own, a handful of us will also be participating in this challenge at the same time, which ties in quite nicely and offers individual and group rewards for being the top performers. It also enables you to track your progress against other Scottish workplaces – nothing like a bit of healthy competition to motivate people!


You can also download their app to help track your journeys and use their member centre in the website to see interesting statistics like how much money you have saved by walking, the amount of calories you’ve burnt in comparison to doughnuts and even how much CO2 you’ve saved! Smart 🙂

Healthy Treats

If you’re taking part in the challenge, keep your eyes peeled for healthy treats that might be making an appearance throughout the eight weeks to motivate you and help find some alternatives for those pesky 3pm chocolate bars!

So how will you be getting more active? Let us know if you’re participating in our challenge or if you are planning your own one – it would be great to share progress with you across social media to keep us all motivated 🙂



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