Language and Culture -A New Blog Series!

With language and culture being a huge part of our company (as so many of us aren’t from Scotland, or even the UK!), it seemed only right that the topic had it’s very own blog series once a month – so expect a new post every second Friday of the month!

The majority of our staff are bilingual with their native language and English, but many others are multilingual, having been brought up surrounded by different languages or have studied languages at university, or have picked them up by travelling. So, what are the benefits of being multilingual?


There are many studies that have highlighted the benefits of being multilingual – from slowing the onset of dementia, to enhanced problem solving skills, enhanced creativity and improved decision making. Learning another language is also thought to activate the same parts of the brain that is associated with the feeling of gratification we get from eating chocolate, gambling or even taking drugs – we’d certainly recommend learning a language as a safer option compared to the latter!

For those who haven’t been brought up with more than one language from birth, learning a new one can be tough, and with around 7,000 languages in the world, which one should you choose!?


Chinese, Spanish and English are the most popular languages spoken in the world and have grown the fastest in the last 16 years compared to languages such as Portuguese, German and Arabic. With the top 3 set to continue growing as the most popular languages, it would make sense to learn one of these – but maybe the estimated 88 weeks of study to learn basic proficiency of Chinese might put you off, as well as being one of the most challenging languages for a native English speaker to learn! According to online studies, Spanish – along with Dutch, French, Italian and Norwegian – are the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn, reaching basic proficiency in an average of 22-24 weeks. Coincidentally, Norwegian is one of our most sought after languages for projects, so get learning! If you’re thinking about learning a language, why not check out our top 3 language learning app choices to get you started – tried and tested by Pexel’s staff!

To kick off this blog series, and given it’s Friday, I thought I would create a little language themed quiz for you all! Once you’ve  completed it, leave your score in the comments below 😉



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