Kids think the funniest things…

This morning while scrolling through Twitter desperately trying to wake myself up on this rainy Friday morning, I read some hilarious responses to the hashtag #AsAChildIUsedToThink…






Kids can think the funniest things, so it was only right to ask around the office to hear our own #AsAChildIUsedToThink anecdotes!


Susannah, Data Analyst: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that I could cut my hair with scissors and nothing would happen

Adam, Analytics Manager:  #AsAChildIUsedToThink that our solar system was our galaxy

Melissa, Projects Director: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that the local mosque was Disneyland due to the shape of the minaret

Kristen, Recruitment Analyst: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that tornados were called ‘toynados’ and were filled full of toys on their way to Santa in time for him to give them out at Christmas! (#RAFKidProblems 😉 )

Silvia, Team Leader: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that cats really have nine lives so they don’t actually die (unless it’s the 9th time they die of course!)

Caroline, Project Administrator: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that if I slept with my red glittery tap shoes on it would make me a better tap dancer – I slept with them on until I grew out of them!

Gil, Trainee Team Leader: #AsAChildIUsedToThink the name of a Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws” (The Last/Latest News) meant that this was the last time there was going to be news, ever. I was extremely confused with every new edition.

Daniel, Team Leader: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that when you called a number that wasn’t right and the automated message said “the number you have called has not been recognised” that it was just one lady and that was her job to tell you. I used to think “she must be an awfully busy lady”! Working in this job it still makes me think of it every time I dial a wrong number!

Phillip, Fieldworker: #AsAChildIUsedToThink when I watched the adverts for Readybrek (get the Readybrek glow!) that I would actually get the glow when I ate it, severely disappointing when it never actually happened.

Ian, Fieldworker: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that as long as my parents told me something was meat then I would eat it, including broccoli…(when I was a child I loved meat but wouldn’t eat veggies!)

Alison, Company Accountant: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that toad in the hole was actually a real toad and never understood why people ate it – couldn’t imagine having to eat a toad!

Eddie, Fieldworker: #AsAChildIUsedToThink that the name of God was very confusing. During the lords prayer I would say “Our Father who art in heaven, Harold be thy name” but then say “Thanks Peter God”, so I wasn’t very sure if God’s name was Harold or Peter!


Let us know your #AsAChildIUsedToThink stories in the comments below, it’ll help us get through the rest of Friday afternoon!


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