Instagram Roundup

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome back to our blog.

It’s been a busy week here at Pexel with lots of new projects starting so we thought we’d wrap up the week with a quick Instagram roundup of our most recent posts, documenting what we’ve been up to in the office recently.


We voted for our new Pexel mascot, and ran a competition to choose his name – Alison from admin was the winner with the name ‘Lingo’! A fitting choice 🙂


Winter arrived in Glasgow weeks ago and we’ve had misty and rainy mornings ever since, making our morning commute so much harder!


Susannah from DP made this increeedible raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake for the office. We’ve been begging her to make it again ever since!


Our Macmillan coffee morning that Caroline in admin organised was a huge success, with plates and plates of cake made by our employees. We had cupcakes, chocolate cake, crispy slice, cookies…all the good things! We managed to raise over £100 for Macmillan Cancer – well done everyone!


We took a trip to Strathclyde University to take part in their part-time job fair. We met loads of students who were keen to work for us – so many that we ran out of leaflets!


Halloween rolled round quickly and we were celebrating in the office with spooky treats – we loved these tangerines that had faces drawn on them by the admin staff!


We were excited to announce the release of our recruitment video a few weeks ago – the result of a few months of planning and hard work. It’s had a great response from staff and prospective employees – check it out on our ‘Work With Us‘ page!


For Rememberance Day, one of our fieldworkers knitted these beautiful poppies to raise money – a great alternative to the usual ones!


Finally we had a mini bake sale for Children in Need last Friday – these Greggs cupcakes were amazing!

The blog will be taking a break next Friday while we plan some exciting things for Monday 30th, so check back then for a bonus blog!


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