Your Pexel: Welcome!


And welcome to the very first post of Your Pexel.

Perhaps you’re a current employee? A curious job applicant? A complete stranger…? Either way, we’re glad you’re here.

Your Pexel has been created as a place for us to share our news with you. From what we’re up to in the office, to what’s on in Glasgow; from student advice to cultural and creative posts from our permanent members of staff – you’ll find it all here. Designed to be an escape from the daily challenges of market research. Your Pexel is a hub for employees, prospective candidates and strangers to connect on a more casual basis.

You can expect to see around four posts a month, with a post on the first Friday of every month from one of our permanent members of staff. They’ll share something with you from their own lives (work related or otherwise) to give you a unique insight to “behind the scenes” of our company and the people who make it tick.

And not only do we want to share our news with you, but we’d also love to hear from you and include regular guest blogs on our site. If you are interested in writing a piece for us please contact us using the form here, proposing your idea and word length and we’ll get back to you.

Finally, make sure you follow us using the button on the right of this page so you’re the first to know about our new posts. Pop over and say hello on our social media, too!


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